About Enso Chiropractic 

After studying and practicing in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Wade Summers returned home to the Gem State. Originally from Idaho Falls, with family still there, Dr. Summers opened a clinic both in his hometown and in his new home in Meridian. Currently located in it’s beautiful downtown, on the corner of Main and Pine, Enso Chiropractic is in a perfect position for commutability from all around the surrounding valley. Just a short mile from the Meridian freeway exit and four miles from State Highway 55, patients from surrounding areas have chosen to make Dr. Summers their primary health practitioner.

Enso Chiropractic has recently opened a subsidiary pain center, Pulse Pain Center of Idaho, to treat chronic pain on a cellular level to aid the body’s recovery process. As we all know from the popularization of dietary styles such as Paleo, Carnivore, and Ketogenic; inflammation is a common culprit ailing citizens of today’s culture. It is nearly inescapable, as inflammatory foods and compounds are littered throughout our lives in places we wouldn’t even think to look. But on top of a poor diet that causes inflammation, our ever-increasing sedentary lifestyles, and unwitting toxic exposure, are causing the body to become inflamed and cause excruciating pain. The opposite is true as well. Heavy workloads such as construction work, demanding exercise routines, and chasing around young kids are causing our joints and muscles to remain inflamed.

Dr. Summers realized this and established Pulse Pain Center of Idaho to commandeer the War on Inflammation. The Pulse Pain Center specializes in pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, or PEMF. PEMF is a minimally invasive technique that manipulates the electromagnetic frequency of the body’s cells, creating a greater state of osmosis, allowing cells to flush out inflammatory components and return to a homeostatic state. This state increases healing for a myriad of issues, due to the inherent healing powers that are latent in everyone’s bodies. While it still takes an exerted effort to maintain a healthier lifestyle on top of the treatment, PEMF is often the missing component between where we are and our ideal state of health.

On top of allowing cellular regeneration to happen at an optimal rate, the cellular exercise associated with PEMF therapy allows for a more relaxed state of the muscular system, which results in a more thorough chiropractic adjustment, and further immediate pain relief. The PEMF therapy allows necessary relief from chronic conditions that have been yet unhealed by other medical treatments.