Enso is a word used in Zen buddhism, represented by a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes, that expresses a moment when the mind is uninhibited, clear and free to let the body create. This is a philosophy that rings incredibly true to chiropractic as both a medical practice and a spiritual philosophy. B.J. Palmer, the developer of the science of chiropractic, believed that “The power that made the body, heals the body. It happens no other way”. This means that the body has a latent, divine force resting inside of it, that if allowed to operate freely will maintain a state of homeostasis and an equilibrium in the body, and prevent, or rid itself of, disease.

The definition of disease, as given by Merriam-Webster, is “a disorder of structure or function in a human, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms”. A belief that most chiropractors hold, and the basis for the science itself, is that when the body is free from these 'disorders of structure or function', that it will be able to maintain a disease-free state. The structural dysfunction that chiropractors aim to treat is vertebral subluxation. A subluxation, as recognized by medical literature, is a partial dislocation of a joint. Vertebral subluxations are dislocations of joints along the spinal column, which is the house for the spinal cord, the central figure of the nervous system. When one of these joints is dislocated, the function of the nervous system is greatly diminished, often causing disease and pain. 

While the idea of a latent, divine healing force inside of the body can often be disregarded as “woo woo” and unbelievable, medical science confirms it as true and undeniable. They refer to it as placebo. Regardless of the aim and method of a medical study, there is always a required account for “the placebo effect”. This means that researchers have to factor in the reality that once the mind of the participants believe it is in the process of being healed, the body then begins to go through the necessary processes of healing itself.  This is accomplished and accounted for through the application of a sugar pill instead of medication, or faux surgery (yes, they put the patients under anesthesia, cut them open, do nothing and stitch them back up); quite a marvel!

When the mind is free, the body creates

A chiropractor himself, Dr. Joe Dispenza wrote a book wrote a book titled “You Are The Placebo” and elucidates this fact poignantly by telling his own story. Dr. Dispenza was in a near life-ending accident while riding his bike in a triathlon. Being struck by a car from behind, he was catapulted multiple stories high in the air. He landed on his back in a way that had shattered six vertebrae, propelling bone fragments into his spinal cord and fracturing the spinal column.

When Dr. Dispenza was recommended to undergo the Harrington Rod Surgery (fusing 12-inch metal rods to his spinal column), he chose to utilize a different technique that he believed to be true; “The power that made the body, heals the body”. A procedure like the operation he was being told was necessary would have committed him to a life of immobility and chronic pain that would only be solvable with a steady diet of narcotic pain killers.

Without diving into a territory discussable only by covering the Law of Attraction, we will sum up Dr. Joe Dispenza’s story like this; through meditation and a steady, unwavering belief in the aforementioned healing potential that lies latent inside of all of us, Dr. Joe Dispenza reversed his unfathomable condition and his body was able to quite literally heal itself. Told he wouldn’t ever walk again, he was walking four months later, and returned to physical training four months after that. A modern medical marvel, to say the least.

His story is unbelievable, but not entirely uncommon. Remember, traditional medical science has to account for the placebo effect, which is often times more effective than the targeted treatment itself. The placebo effect is a medically recognized term to describe the exact process that is the fundamental principle of chiropractic care.

If the body is allowed an uninhibited opportunity to heal, and it is provided with a perfect platform to do so, then more often than not, it does. The power that made the body, heals the body, there is no other way. As the mind (orchestrated through the nervous system) is free, the body creates. Whether the body is creating physically expressed art, or is creating new neural pathways in the mind.