What is the Heart Sound Recorder?

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The Heart Sound Recorder is a computer based low risk, general wellness, heart stress monitor used to acquire, display, record and save heart sounds.

The Heart Stress Monitor records and displays the low frequency component of the heart cycle as a waveform on a PC for the purpose of visualizing the rate, rhythm and tone of the heart cycle. This can be used to compare current and previous heart cycle waveforms, before and after analysis, to track changes in the cardiovascular system. This is a scan that does not fall within the typically accepted realm of chiropractic care. However, it allows for a very critical look into the total health of the patient.

Our friends, Dr. Mark Lemay and Sherise Irby, demonstrate the power of the Heart Sound Recorder

The Heart Sound Recorder can be used as a supplementary measurement to the Total Wellness Exam. If you would like to ask some questions about the HSR, or to inquire about schedule availability for a wellness exam, just call our office! Simply dial 208-887-4747, or press the call now button below!