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Pain Relief

Did you know, the number one cause of trips to see a general practice medical professional is low-back pain? Given our modern lifestyles, and our attraction to sitting down (car, office, car, couch, repeat) this might come as no surprise. However, when the pain sets in and the doctor is seen, we encounter a couple of major hurdles. Namely; frequent misdiagnoses of a true cause of our pain, and resulting poor remedies. For true pain relief, visiting a chiropractor who does more than just adjustments is the ideal choice.

You see, the problem with modern medicine, and a visit to a general wellness clinic for an issue like chronic low-back pain, is that patients are diagnosed and treated for the symptom, without addressing the cause of the problem itself. In most cases, the course of action by our trusted medical professionals is to manually “turn off” the symptom, rather than to fix the underlying problem. If a patient is experiencing low back pain, there are two paths of action; determine which actions throughout the day caused the back pain initially and address the resulting dysfunction, or disconnect the neural signals triggering the brain to experience the pain.

The true daunting characteristic of modern medicine, in our big-pharma inspired world, is that our MD’s have been primarily trained to assess symptoms (pain, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression etc.) in terms of a correlated chemical deficiency, and prescribe their regulated remedies (Zoloft, Chantix, OxyContin, Xanax, etc.). We are led to believe that our chronic pain is caused, or at least cured, by a lack of a chemical in our bloodstream, and that if we were to just supplement with an opium derived narcotic, we will be “healed”.

A better method of relieving pain, naturally and for good.

While it is undeniable that these medications do a great job of shutting off the signal to the brain that something is wrong, this result is akin to placing dark tape over a check engine light. Yes, you are no longer being made immediately aware that you are experiencing impending mechanical failure, but you are no less liable to blowing a head gasket the next time you attempt to merge on the freeway.

To carry on the analogy, the only way to truly avoid a catastrophic, expensive (painful to boot) situation is to visit a trained mechanic who can properly assess and remedy your situation. The body is no different. Pain is a signal from the body to the brain that something is incongruent and needs to be remedied. It is one solution to place tape over the check engine light and carry on, it is another to fix the problem before it manifests itself as something disastrous.

Pain Relief

We at Enso Chiropractic believe that maintaining proper spinal integrity, and overall health of the nervous system, will allow the body to operate pain free and in an optimal state of health. However, if you are in pain, we have solutions to get you immediately out of it that are above and beyond just a chiropractic adjustment such as the following:

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