What is PEMF Therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is a non-invasive, FDA approved therapy to treat many chronic conditions. It has been shown to have massive beneficial effects such as:

  • Increased Rate of Injury Healing
  • Increased Bone Healing and Increased Bone Density
  • Increased Immune Function
  • Increased Sleep Quality
  • Depression Alleviation
  • Improved Energy/Decreased Fatigue
  • Improved Blood Flow and Circulation

PEMF Therapy is able to accomplish all of these feats and more, because it is not the therapy itself that does the healing. It's that our bodies natural state is one of health, and if free of interference, it will be healthy! 

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Much like the practice of chiropractic itself, PEMF therapy removes obstructions in the bodies for the cells to heal themselves.

Dr. Magda Havas, the Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University states, "PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) devices do not treat a specific condition. Instead they optimize the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating function.” By extension, The therapy can also be used by athletes to maximize performance, speed up recovery time, and reduce the risk of injury

In a study done to assess the efficacy of electromagnetic manipulation on patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain, it was determined that the therapy had a noticeable effect on both localized musculoskeletal pain and inflammatory pain. Additionally, there was an unintended discovery in uncovering a noticeable effect on patients with Fibromyalgia, for more information on these exact benefits, simply click the link in the first sentence of this paragraph. 

In conclusion, PEMF Therapy is great for virtually all nagging ailments and pain relief, and we believe in it so much, we'll let you try it for free! Just call us and get scheduled, 208-322-7900.