Do you have a healthy supplement protocol,
or just expensive bathroom breaks?

How changing your supplement choice to Standard Process will change your life.

Standard Process

It's no secret that our modern diets are lacking. When it comes to our food, what we gain in accessibility and price, we sacrifice in quality. Studies show that the lack of variety and complexity in our modern diets is leaving us sick and tired. But that doesn't have to be the case! Because of the advancement of technology, we are able to produce supplements that can more than make up for the shortcomings of our natural eating habits. Standard Process supplements are whole food, organic, single source vitamins that allow an easy perfect diet.

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But, not all supplements are created equal!

"All-in-one Multivitamins" such as One-A-Day and Centrum seem like great choices for diet supplementation, but in the end, truly just create very expensive bathroom breaks. The bio-availability of these supplements is virtually nil. The issue is the packaging. These supplements have one purpose, to be purchased. This means that the manufacturers do everything in their power to make them more appealing, not more effective. This results in tightly packed little rocks, with artificial colorings and flavors to make them more appealing to the end consumer. This leaves them utterly indigestible and potentially down right harmful. Great for business, bad for health.

One a day tablets are often found by x-ray technicians far away from the stomach, having never been dissolved. The lack of solubility of the tablets by the body means that they pass right through it, providing zero benefit, outside of a mental placebo effect of having consumed a supplement. On top of this, even when the tablet is broken down by the stomach, the components of these pills are rarely ever effective.

The minimal viable dose of consumption for a vitamin or mineral is often times in the multiples of the daily recommended value amount, which is the threshold these supplements provide. This is due to the nature that different vitamins have different reactions to the digestive process. Occasionally, nearly all of the consumed amount is broken down by the stomach, meaning that the recommended amount needs to be "trojan horse"d into the body by a much larger amount of the supplement than is necessary for effectiveness. 

Standard Process was founded in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee, with the dream of helping health patients have access to sustainably farmed, organic supplements. 

Standard Process is one of few supplement companies that controls every single process entailed in delivering truly high quality whole food supplements. The fact that their supplements are derived from organic whole foods, and not synthesized in a lab, is what truly sets SP apart from the majority of other supplement companies on the market today.

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Standard Process uses organically farmed foods, grown on their 420 acre certified organic farm, for the production of all of their supplements. These supplements include only whole foods, and in proper dosages for proper utilization by the body. These products contain not only highest quality of the intended molecules, but the necessary subsidiary components as well. Different vitamins and minerals are soluble in fat or water, but never both. Standard Process recognizes this, and upon recommending their supplements be taken with water, includes the necessary amounts of fats for absorption of the vitamins when necessary.

Standard Process supplements are only available to be purchased through licensed and registered health practitioners. Dr. Summers provides the most commonly used supplements in his clinic, and recommends certain supplements to all patients who would be benefited by them. Above just the products in inventory, Dr Summers is able to order, with expedited shipping, all products that a patient needs based on symptoms.

If you wish to further discuss how Standard Process supplements can change your life, schedule an appointment, call today!